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October 2023

“We are in production on new commissions to be announced soon.”

Abducted Ukrainian Children
25 October 2023

“Enter an operating theather like no other. The most extreme operations where death is one millimetre away.”

Abducted Ukrainian Children
23 October 2023

“A heartbreaking vital watch.”

The Daily Telegraph

“A staggering account of the families who travelled to Russia to find their loved ones.”

The Guardian

Abducted Ukrainian Children
23 October 2023

“This calm, vivid documentary looks at the thousands of youngsters missing amidst the invasion – and their families’ search..”

The Guardian

Abducted Ukrainian Children
23 October 2023

“Producer director Shahida Tulaganova explains the very real dangers of telling a shocking story from the war in Ukraine.”


Sheffield Doc Fest 2023
14-19 June 2023

“The 2023 film program is full of stories that will spark audience’s curiosity like never before.”

In all, Sheffield will host 37 world premieres and 20 international premieres, promising its most innovative documentary offering yet.
In The Name of the Father
11 May 2023

“He said he wanted me to hear the whole truth, from his perspective.”

Name Of The Father: New film on sins of a Charedi cult leader shown on BBC. A documentary about abuse in a sect that sparked outrage in Israel is to be shown on the BBC.
No More Home Makeovers
24 April 2023

"No more home makeovers! The horror show of renting in Britain finally comes to TV."

TV rarely shows the rage-inducing truth about renting – which is why series like Evicted and Help! My Home Is Disgusting are a breath of fresh air.
Sandford St Martin Trust
March 2023

“Children of Ukraine Finalist in Sanford St Martin Awards.”

After a tough couple of years, with fears of Covid receding, there were times when 2022 almost felt like it was going to be easy. Then there was war in Ukraine.
One World Media
March 2023

“Children of Ukraine Finalist in One World Media Award.”

The One World Media Awards celebrate the media’s best coverage of the global south, spotlighting underreported stories that break stereotypes, change the narrative and connect people across cultures..
Ukrainian Children of War
7 December 2023

“Filmmaker takes Christmas presents to Ukrainian children of war facing punishing winter.”

After revealing their stories in a harrowing ITV documentary, Shahida Tulaganova is returning to the war zone to give them some Christmas cheer.
26 October 2022

“Renegade co-founders
part ways with WBD.”

Alan Hayling and Alex Cooke to set up independently, with their existing slate picked up by Wall to Wall and Ricochet.